The Latin Music Genres

Here at El Barrio, we play and promote all popular Latin music genres to get the party happening! Whether you’re a party reveller or a dance aficionado our DJs will have something for you to make a great night out for you and your friends.

From Patagonia to Los Angeles, our DJs spin the classics and latest releases topping the charts across the Americas. The most popular genres we play can be summed up as follows:

Salsa is a lively dance music with many different styles. It originated in Cuba and has African and Spanish influences. It is very popular in Cuba, Puerto Rico, New York & London! Salsa dancing has a loyal following in London and is usually danced with an intricate display of slippery footwork and dizzying spins & twists. If you’re new to the scene, don’t be fooled. Nobody was born a dancer! Even the most aficionado “salsero” learned and perfected their ‘art’ in a dance class near you. Want to learn? Join our own dance classes 🙂

Here at El Barrio we like to play the classics and new urban salsa vibes a.k.a ‘salsa choke’ which have a more commercial sound for dancers and newcomers alike.

Música Urbana
Latin music is continually evolving and adopting influences from the Western mainstream music scene, where collaborations between Latin and Western artists are common place. No where is this more evident than in the música urbana or urban music scene.

The Música Urbana scene is driven by the poor ‘barrios’ of Central America and Latin caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba, where its artists seek to scape obscurity and poverty through music. It is here that the most innovative commercial sounds are produced today through “Reggaetón” and influence genres right across the board such salsa (salsa choke or salsa urbana), bachata and merengue electronico and R’n’B fusion collaborations with mainstream artists.

The Dominican Republic maybe a small caribbean island but it packs a big punch in the Latin music scene producing renowned artists in the most popular latin music genres of salsa, merengue, reggaeton and Bachata. In fact, this is where Bachata was born and it’s now becoming one of the most popular latin genres across the world!

There are perhaps two Bachata music scenes in the world. The bachata scene in Dominican Republic is a more traditional affair with lively guitar / conga rhythms and poetic lyrics to get your hips swinging whereas the bachata scene in Europe and the U.S is more a dancer-led urban vibe produced by U.S artists. Bachata dancing is a very sensual dance gaining in popularity. Want to learn? Join our own dance classes 🙂

Here at El Barrio we like to play and promote the more high energy traditional bachata of D.R and its artists.

Merengue originates from the Dominican Republic is a lively high energy dance music we love to play! Its fast tempo only lets you swing your weight left-to-right as you face and hold hands with your partner so it’s the easiest dance style to master and we love to play it for our party revellers to get the fiesta on the dance floor.